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Exclusive . Personalised . Human Touch
Private Wealth Management
with mutual funds.
because you deserve more.
In the broken financial services industry where everyone is out there to sell something to you, we will be the refreshing change where we want to be of service. Our promise, with you all the way.
Top clients
Rs. 50+ Lacs
Average account size- Rs. 20 Lacs
Rs. 75,000 SIP for 15 years
Rs. 60 Lacs Lumsum in 15 years
Building India’s 5 Cr. club


  • Transparency
  • Ethics
  • Accountability
  • Personal Touch
On a mission to offer amazing Mutual Fund investing experiences, not painful ones.
#yottolPortfoliosbuilt with care
Mixed Asset
30% Equity
Violet Portfolio
Mixed Asset
50% Equity
Indigo Portfolio
Mixed Asset
70% Equity
Blue Portfolio
Mixed Asset
90% Equity
Green Portfolio
100% Equity
Yellow Portfolio
100% Equity
Orange Portfolio
Create your own Customised Portfolios too!
One ObjectiveTo help you avoid mistakes
We are not in the business of doing funny things with your money. Doing simple things right time and again has proven to produce remarkably good results. In fact, our recommendations will almost sound too simple to be true.
And your tax filing is on us for free, complimentary!
Founding TeamPrinciples of Stewardship
Saptarshi Das, CFA
Postgraduate in Management from Imperial College London, UK and a CFA Charterholder with 15 years of experience. Along with Yottol, he is the portfolio manager of a private wealth management services firm @ KGS which engages with an elite list of HNI entrepreneurs and family offices to implement their private wealth investment policy which involves discretionary fund advisory. Prior to KGS, he worked in a $7 Bn asset management house (Octopus) in London, UK, investing globally (multi-asset class) and at FQS Capital Partners where he was responsible for quant and risk analytics.
Khushboo Engineer, CIPD
Engineer and post-graduate in management from Aston University, UK. She is a very big advocate of sustainability as well as women empowerment with special interest in developing strategies which make women more independent, in control and at peace. She takes pride in seeing women overseeing their wealth with self- confidence. She believes empowered mothers are happier and more productive towards bringing up confident and resourceful children.

Still got questions? We're here to help.
client retention record in two years of operations.
We help you do simple things with your money, we don’t over-promise, and therefore we will not under-deliver. Best of it, you will always have someone to be a sounding board if you find yourselves with questions on what to do with your money.
Giving you one less thing to think about as you concentrate on what matters.