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All you can do with mutual funds under one roof

  • Customised Portfolios

    (SIP, Lum Sum)

    For the experienced investor

    Whether you wish to create your
    own portolio of mutual funds or
    just invest in a single fund,
    Yottol will help you make your
    portfolio management of buying,
    redeeming and setting up SIPs
    a seamless experience for you.

    Bring on the investment guru in you.

  • Model Risk Portfolios

    (SIP, Lum Sum)

  • Tax Benefit Portfolios

    (SIP, Lum Sum, Model Portfolios)

    Save on tax while you invest.
    Yottol offers the opportunity to
    invest in tax plans where you
    may avail a sizable deduction
    when you file your tax returns
    for the next financial year.

    From investing in our tax benefit
    Model Portfolio, setting up SIPs
    to creating your own portfolio
    of tax advantaged plans, we
    have you covered.

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“For a common man like me, investing was difficult to understand although I always knew that I had to invest for my retirement age. The model risk portfolios of Yottol was a handy tool to assist me in developing my investment strategy.”

Shobit Pant, Rajkot
“I had investments in mutual funds previously which were so dispersed and so manual in process that I faced huge issues in understanding my total portfolio. Yottol’s brilliant online transaction mechanism as well as its awesome portfolio monitoring tool has enabled me to look at my total portfolio without going to any other place.”

Vipul Shah, Ahmedabad
“Yottol is just at another level when it comes to customer service. They are professional, timely and place their customer’s interests first.”

Hiral Mehta, Baroda

FAQ & Knowledge Center

Yes, investing in mutual funds is absolutely free. There are no account opening charges, transaction or maintenance fees. In the case of mutual funds, we earn through trail revenues the mutual fund houses pay us from their assent management fees.

Yottol will not charge you anything on top in any manner. So, essentially, mutual fund investing is free to the extent you would be charged the nominal fees from the mutual fund houses.

Yottol makes investing in mutual funds for a novice with no experience to an experienced person with years of mutual fund investing experience easy.

An investor can invest alongside our model risk portfolios, or create his/ her own customised portfolios or invest in single mutual funds.

Yottol has future plans to include ultra low cost stock broking as well as straight through insurance broking in time.

Yottol does not get involved in any way with investors money. We only act as transaction gateway for your mutual fund investments and our services are primarily to help manage portfolios of mutual funds. All funds are directly transacted between mutual funds and an investor.